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Kim Harris 

“Every animal portrait I draw is unique. I understand the love and the joy they add to our daily life. I strive to capture every nuance that makes your pet special. From the fur, specific markings, and the eyes, my goal is to recreate the animal’s soul looking back at you. Creating a portrait of your pet is more than just a picture. Drawing animals, especially pets, is my passion, because after all they aren’t just pets, they are family.”

 I attended the University of Oregon and Cornish Art School as a fine arts major and I have lived in Washington state all of my life. I have been married 28 years and we have two wonderful daughters who were very active in the equine 4-H program when they were younger.

We are fortunate to live on a beautiful 22 acre farm with our 3 horses and our Airedale Terrier, Fergus. I understand the important role your pet has in your family and it is my goal to capture that spirit in every portrait I create.

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