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Tips On Getting That Perfect Photo


As I draw from photographs, it is essential that a selection of good quality photos are provided to ensure that a high quality drawing is produced.  What do I look for in a photo?

The first thing I look for when viewing photos is their quality. It is essential that the eyes are clear, in focus and reflecting light. It is not necessary that both eyes are visible. You want a pose that reflects your pet's personality.

  Take a lot of pictures. If this is a tribute portrait and the pet is no longer with you, look for a good quality, close-up photo you already have.  Detail is important. 

When taking photos of your horse, position is important. A three-quarter head shot works great. Photos taken head on can make for an uninteresting portrait, as you want a clear shot of at least one eye. Sunlight reflecting off of the coat adds 


1. TAKE OUTDOORS - It is often best to take a photo outdoors in natural light and avoid using the flash. This helps to get a more evenly exposed shot. Ask someone to help you get a good photo of your pet, ears alert, eyes focused. Sometimes a toy or treat will help get their attention.  After I have received several photos from you we can discuss which will make the best portrait.

2. TAKING AT EYE-LEVEL - A more desirable portrait can be created if you are at the subjects eye-level, rather than looking up or down at them, particularly for dog portraits. Also, get in close!

3. TRADITIONAL OR UNIQUE? - A traditional or classic pose would have the subject looking at, or just past the camera. With pets, I would suggest holding a treat over your shoulder to get their attention and to stay still. If you are after something more unique, then get creative. Perhaps the subject playing with a toy, or in a favorite place.

4. SERIOUS OR TONGUE OUT?  COLLAR ON OR OFF?- I love getting lots of detail into my drawings and again this is your personal choice. You want a photo that reflects your pet's true personality!

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